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If you suffer from chronic pain that keeps you up at night, Dr. Silky Patel, a best pain management doctor in Houston, Texas, can help. With over 15+ years of experience and expertise in interventional pain management and physical medicine & rehabilitation, Dr. Patel can provide you with a highly personalized solution and treatment. She is known for being one of the most trustworthy pain management doctors who can offer exceptional care and treatment for a wide range of services. Many patients seek Dr. Silky Patel for her outstanding non-surgical musculoskeletal and spine care. However, you can also schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel for chronic pain in your back, neck, legs, muscles, spine, or any other pain you experience in your daily life. If you want to learn more about best pain management treatments offered by her, then please click here.


Dr. Silky Patel, an experienced pain management physician, can provide you with relief from various pains and syndromes. Whether you are experiencing severe back or neck pain, Dr. Patel has the expertise to help treat your condition. With extensive experience and expertise in interventional spine care, she offers the perfect pain management solutions to alleviate your pain. To consult with a top pain management doctor in Houston, Texas, schedule a friendly consultation with Dr. Silky Patel.


Pain Management Services Offered By Dr. Patel in Houston


At times, patients may not be able to discern whether their pain is originating from their neck, shoulder, or back. Thus, it is crucial for them to seek consultation with an experienced pain management doctor in Houston, Texas. Dr. Silky Patel can not only diagnose the underlying cause of the pain, but also provide effective and efficient treatment to alleviate it. With exceptional pain management services, Dr. Patel can offer the following:


Back Pain Treatment: Dealing with back pain can be incredibly frustrating as it can impede simple tasks such as walking, standing, or sleeping. The symptoms of back pain, such as muscle aches or burning sensations, can vary in intensity, and its treatment can differ accordingly. As a pain management specialist, Dr. Patel can assist in relieving your back pain caused by various factors, including lifting heavy weights, uncomfortable sleeping positions, trauma, and aging.


Neck Pain Treatment: Neck pain is a prevalent condition that many people experience in their daily routines. Poor body posture, awkward neck positions, and muscle strains can cause mild to severe neck pain. While neck pain may dissipate over time, it is beneficial to seek consultation with a pain management expert, as it may persist or worsen.


Spine Cord Stimulation Treatment: Spinal Cord Stimulation treatment is commonly recommended by doctors to treat chronic pain, lumbar radiculopathy, Post-laminectomy syndrome, and CRPS. However, this neuromodulation treatment can also provide relief from pain caused by diabetic peripheral neuropathy.


Hip Pain Treatment: Hip pain can be intense or chronic and can be caused by various conditions such as Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other hip problems. If you experience early signs of hip pain, including groin pain, hip stiffness, swelling, or limping, it is essential to consult with a pain management doctor.


Neuropathy: If you are dealing with a damaged or injured nerve that causes irresistible pain, then Dr. Silky Patel, a pain management doctor in Houston, can provide effective treatment and procedures to treat pain caused by damaged or injured nerves that cause unbearable pain.


Knee Pain: The knee joint, as a hinge joint supporting weight-bearing and leg movement, may experience severe pain due to injury, aging, or continuous stress. Knee pain can affect individuals of all ages. Obtain effective and reliable knee pain treatment from a top-rated pain physician.


Consult the Best Pain Management Doctor in Houston – Dr. Silky Patel


If you are wanting a life without pain, then Dr. Silky Patel can help you. Dr. Patel is experienced in treating a diverse range of pain, diseases, and conditions, from severe neck and back pain to  musculoskeletal pain. She is double board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation & pain management. Patients can feel free to discuss their physical pain and problems with Dr. Patel and receive highly personalized pain-relieving treatment.


Give Dr. Patel a call at 832-522-8535 or Contact Me Here. To get the latest updates and information on the services she offers, please follow Dr. Silky Patel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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