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Do You experience severe pain in the spine? Are you searching for one of the best spine doctors in Houston, Texas? Are you experiencing difficulty due to a spine injury or pain? If so, then it may be helpful to reach out to Dr. G. Silky Patel for the treatment. She is a professional and well-experienced spine and sports doctor in Houston with more than 15+ years of experience. To say goodbye to severe spine pain and live a healthy life, call Dr. Patel at 832-522-8535. To learn more about Spinal Cord Stimulation and how it can benefit you, please click here.


Spine pain or back pain is a common occurrence among teenagers, adults, and senior or aged individuals. There are numerous causes that can lead to chronic spine pain, which can significantly impact your work and personal life. Whether you have strained your back while lifting a heavy object or while helping a friend move furniture, sudden pain in the back can be experienced. Additionally, accidents or injuries resulting from falls or sudden movements can also cause spine pain.


If you’re experiencing spinal pain, injury, or have had spine surgery, Dr. Silky Patel can offer top-notch spinal care and treatment to alleviate your pain. She will attentively listen to your concerns and thoroughly examine the affected areas before recommending the best course of treatment or therapy. Dr. Patel specializes in both spine and sports treatment, and she can assist you with the following:


-> Spine and Back Pain Treatment

-> Spinal Cord Stimulation Treatment

-> Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatment

-> Advanced Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatments

-> Epidurals

-> Steroid injections

Why is Silky Patel the Best Spine Doctor in Houston?


If you have been diagnosed with  spinal disease, pain, or related issues, seeking the help of a spine specialist (Dr. Silky Patel) is the first step towards effective treatment. However, with many spine doctors available, you may find yourself searching for the “best spine doctor near me.” Look no further than Dr. Silky Patel, a spine pain management expert and top-rated spine doctor in Houston who can provide lasting relief from spinal pain.


Although trying out effective home treatments for spine pain is not wrong, it is advisable to consult Dr. Patel if the pain persists. Here are some reasons why you should consider consulting  Dr. Patel for spine pain:

Chronic Pain Treatment: If you are experiencing chronic pain in the spine, you should consult Dr. Patel for effective treatment.

Bowel Issues with Spine Pain: If you have been suffering from bowel or bladder issues along with spinal pain, Dr. Patel can offer you the most suitable treatment to alleviate pain.

Leg Pain Associated with Spinal Pain: If you are suffering from pain or numbness in the leg along with moderate to severe pain in the back, Dr. Patel can help you overcome it.

Fever with Spine Pain: If you are experiencing back pain along with fever, then Dr. Silky Patel can check for any possibility of infections.


Consult the Best Spine and Sports Doctor in Houston – Dr. Silky Patel


With over 15 years of experience in treating back and spine pain using both invasive and non-invasive measures, Dr. Silky Patel is a double board-certified physician in pain management and physical medicine & rehabilitation. As the top spine doctor in Houston, she is well-versed in treating chronic back and spine pain and is highly experienced in performing surgeries and treatments related to spine pain, ensuring that her patients are free from pain.


Reach out to Dr. Patel at 832-522-8535 or click here. Also, follow Dr. Silky Patel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube.


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