Suffering From Hip Pain? Contact an Expert Hip Pain Doctor in Houston, Texas!

When you are suffering from hip pain, , it will be essential for an individual to consult with an expert hip pain doctor. Whether you are experiencing chronic hip pain or need effective hip pain treatment in Houston, Texas, scheduling an appointment with Dr. Silky Patel – A hip pain specialist, will be beneficial.


Hip pain is one of the most common reasons why people lose their sleep and along with it their peace of mind. Most of our patients report waking up in the middle of the night due to extreme pain in the lower back and hip. Although there are several conditions that promote chronic pain in the hip, some of the most common conditions include sleeping in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods, dislocation of joints due to any accident or injury, or damage of bones and ligaments. Hence, when you are experiencing any burning sensation, pain, inflammation, or muscle stiffness, it is time to visit a hip pain doctor or specialist.


When do you Visit A Hip Pain Doctor?


For hip pain treatment, one needs to consult with a hip pain doctor to get pain relief. When you  visit Dr. Silky Patel MD – An expert hip pain doctor in Houston, Texas, she will recommend the most effective hip pain treatment based on the intensity, frequency, and cause of the hip pain. She may also suggest patients perform basic exercises along with pain medications when dealing with chronic hip pain. In order to get relief from hip pain, it is crucial to visit a professional doctor before it’s too late. Kindly consult with a hip pain doctor if you are suffering from any of the below conditions.

  • A deformed joint
  • Inability to move your legs or hips
  • Inflammation of joints, bones, or ligaments in hips
  • Intense pain or sudden swelling
  • Hip bone injury or fracture
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica


In case you have been suffering from sudden hip pain and do not know the cause of it, we recommend speaking with an expert hip pain doctor, Dr. Silky Patel MD. Feel free to reach out to her at 832-522-8535 and do not hesitate to schedule an appointment.


Schedule A Friendly Consultation With Dr. Silky Patel For Hip Pain Treatment


When you are tired and stressed out from chronic hip pain, then treating it efficiently with Dr. Silky Patel as your hip pain doctor will be perfect. Not only will Dr Patel recommend you the best suitable hip pain treatment but she can also provide you with personalized treatment and exercise plans with medications if needed. Having more than 15 years of experience and expertise in treating hip pain, Dr. Silky Patel can find the root cause of the hip pain you are suffering from and eliminate it effectively. She can help you get relief from the pain and inflammation for a long period of time by providing accurate treatment.


If you have any  questions or concerns related to hip pain and its treatments, please feel free to call Dr. Silky Patel at 832-522-8535. To stay updated with the pain management treatment options she offers, keep following her social media handles – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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