Rare Fibromyalgia Symptoms – Read About the Lesser-Known Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia (also known as Fibrositis)!

Are you searching for rare Fibromyalgia symptoms? Would you like to learn about the lesser-known symptoms of Fibromyalgia? If so, then you should know that there are many people who are not aware of Fibromyalgia – a medical condition that causes fatigue, pain, weakness, and trouble sleeping. It is a long-lasting chronic disorder that can lead a person to feel pain, tenderness, and may affect the functionality of  brain and spinal cord.


Many scientists and researchers do not fully understand Fibromyalgia and what actually causes the chronic medical condition. Researchers believe that patients suffering from Fibromyalgia have an intensified sensitivity to pain which sometimes causes memory loss and mood swings. Although there is no cure for Fibromyalgia or Fibrositis, a professional pain management doctor or physician may help you treat the symptoms and relieve chronic pain throughout the body. It is possible to lessen the pain, numbness, and fatigue by trying out the best combination of physical therapy, medication, and other treatment methods.


What is Fibromyalgia?


Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, restlessness, and widespread musculoskeletal pain that may be accompanied by headaches, tension, stress, anxiety, depression, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. It is a chronic pain disorder that affects the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues in the body. According to surveys and research, over 4 million US adults (around 2% of the adult population) are affected by Fibromyalgia. Women are more likely to develop Fibromyalgia than men and the medical condition can affect people of all ages.


As you now know, it is somewhat difficult to diagnose Fibromyalgia which makes it hard for sufferers to find the right treatment for their symptoms. Patients often describe Fibromyalgia as deep muscle aching or stabbing pain in the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, spine, and buttocks. Along with the pain, a potential patient will also experience tingling, numbness, inflammation, or burning sensations with muscle stiffness and strain. Fibromyalgia can take place among people who have been through any physical trauma, injury, accident, surgery, or certain psychological stress. However, people who have not experienced such triggering events are also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia symptoms over time.


Rare Fibromyalgia Symptoms – Lesser-Known Signs To Anticipate!


Fibromyalgia is often characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, mental fog, fatigue, and sleeplessness. Some other symptoms of Fibromyalgia involve mood swings, sensitivity to touch, and migraines. There are still several rare symptoms of Fibromyalgia that most people are not aware of. Here is a list of lesser-known symptoms of Fibromyalgia that are important to take into consideration for effective diagnosis and treatment.


Numbness and Tingling


Patients that are suffering from Fibromyalgia  experience numbness and tingling sensations in their arms, legs, back, feet, and neck. The pain associated with numbness will also mean that your peaceful sleep will get disturbed and along with it, your work and life balance may be affected.


Restless Legs Syndrome


Restless legs syndrome is a condition in which the person will have the strong urge to move or stretch their legs all the time. It feels uncomfortable and irritating to just sit or lie down. Such a condition may also provoke pain and tenderness throughout the body which can be referred to as Fibromyalgia.


Interstitial Cystitis


In such a condition, a person experiences abdominal  or bladder pain and pressure accompanied by pelvic pain. Interstitial Cystitis can be irritating at times as there are urges to urinate and cause bladder discomfort. Sleeping can be helpful in this condition but the continuous urge to urinate can interrupt your sleep time.


Paraspinal Lumbar Tenderness


In simple terms, paraspinal lumbar tenderness can be referred to as back pain associated with Fibromyalgia. Many muscles, ligaments, and nerves can be affected due to this condition, back pain is a common symptom or sign that you are dealing with Fibromyalgia. The pain can take place in the upper or lower back and can spread to the buttocks and legs.


Discuss The Signs and Rare Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia With Dr. Silky Patel!


Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that can be found among several people in the country. However, the exact cure and treatment of Fibromyalgia are not defined due to its mysterious characteristics and causes. The rare Fibromyalgia symptoms enlisted in this article will people identify and learn more about the chronic condition that leads to acute and consistent pain and fatigue throughout the body. If you too are suffering from Fibromyalgia or experiencing any of the symptoms, you can discuss the possibilities and chances of having the Fibromyalgia condition treated with Dr. Silky Patel MD – A leading and renowned pain management specialist.


Dr. Patel can provide you with effective treatment options and physical therapies for pain related to the back, spine, leg, arm, neck, hip, and nerves. Feel free to schedule a friendly consultation with Dr. Silky Patel at 832-522-8535. To get the latest updates and information on various physical conditions and treatments she can offer, and kindly follow her social media handles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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